Feb 11

About Me

My name is Kim. I'm an artist, avid runner, a wife, and proud stay home mother of two young, active teenage boys. I myself was an active kid growing up, playing outside, riding my bike, hiking, and building forts. However, I didn't get involved with many school activities or team sports. Not like my boys. I ran track and did gymnastics for a short time. As I grew older, the less and less active I became. I do remember working out to “Buns of Steel” and running on my parents rickety treadmill before going on spring break. I didn't truly become committed to an active, more healthy way of life until after my second son was born.

We had a garden growing up, but I don't think I willingly ate anything from it. I didn't by any means grow up eating healthy, I remember a lot of Kool-Aid and Hostess in the house. I eat healthy now and mostly gluten-free. I stay away from processed and packaged foods. I'm pretty excited about starting my own garden this coming spring. The house we moved into this summer has a cute little garden, it's filled with wild flowers and a few chive plants right now, but I have big plans for it. There will be plenty of post about it in the future.

Now the serious stuff…In 2011, I became very ill with Ulcerative Colitis. I had been battling it on and off for 14 years prior, but for the last few years it was really starting to kick my butt. Everything came to a head in August 2011 leading to several major surgeries. Now I am living without my colon and with a J-Pouch. Everyday, I need to watch what I eat, drink enough not to get dehydrated, and get the necessary nutrients to fuel my body for my daily activities. You can read more about this specifically on my J-Pouch page.

Because of everything I went through, I have a new prospective on life. I am armed with more knowledge about how nutrition affects the body, your organs, your mood, and your energy. My goal is to get my degree in Nutritional Science and be a private Nutritional Consultant and Coach. I also want to pass more knowledge on to those people suffering from Ulcerative Colitis and Chrohns.