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Amazon App Treasure Hunt is Back 3rd October 2017 Live @3PM

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  Oct 03, 2017     Chirag Malaviya  

Amazon App Treasure Hunt Free Products , Amazon App Treasure Hunt How to Find Products , Amazon App Treasure Hunt All Answers , Amazon App Treasure Hunt Clues are on adpoket also   – Hello , Hope You Are Doing Awesome Nowadays With Our Free Recharge Apps loots & Free Paytm Cash Loots , Meanwhile Amazon India Is back Again With Much Awaited & Most Popular Treasure Hunt.


1. This Promotion will be available beginning 3:00 pm and ending 8:00 pm on 3rd Octomber 2017 (the “Promotion Period”).

2. During the Promotion Period, at an interval of every 15 minutes commencing from 3:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. of such day, Amazon will be displaying a clue to a product listed on the App (such product hereinafter referred to as “Product”) on the Promotion page of the App.

3. To participate in this Promotion, a participant is required to: (a) identify and search for the Product associated with the particular clue; and (b) visit the product detail page of such Product displayed on the App.

4. Participants who identify the Product and visit the product detail page of the Product in accordance with the above Section 3, will be able to purchase the Product at a price of INR 0 i.e. at no cost (until stocks for such Product available at the promotional rates last).

5. Each participant can purchase a Product once for each clue during the Promotion Period and cannot apply any other promotional code on an order for a Product made pursuant to this Promotion.


Click for the Latest Thread of Amazon App Treasure Hunt Clue &Answer 3rd October

Ans for 3:00 PM 

Clue : Unscramble "OOIMSL" for a gift

Answer : Solimo Festive Delights Gift Pack of Nuts and Dry Fruits, 300g


Ans for 3:15 PM 


Answer : Cadbury Celebrations Assorted Chocolate Gift Pack, 190.3g


Ans for 3:30 PM 

Clue : Contains scotch finger & nice

Answer : Unibic Cookies Magic, 300g


Ans for 3:45 PM 

Clue : A chef of dough says "Ho Ho Ho"

Answer :  Pillsbury Cookie Cake Greeting Pack, 276g


Ans for 4:00 PM 

Clue : Feeling —is  to feel cheerful & celebratory

Answer : Maggi Festive Flavors Gift pack


Ans for 4:15 PM 

Clue : A mix of childhood favourites

Answer : Paperboat Celebration Pack


Ans for 4:30 PM 

Clue : Has stars wrapped in gold & milk thats not white but a bar that is

Answer : Cadbury Celebrations Assorted Chocolate Gift Pack, 177.8g


Ans for 4:45 PM 

Clue : A Sealed plastic bag designed to stand upright is called__

Answer : Paperboat Special Doypat


Ans for 5:00 PM 

Clue : A bee that does not naturally buzz

Answer : B Natural Festive Delights Assorted Kids Gift Pack ,1.2L+65g


Ans for 5:15 PM 

Clue : Named after the favorite horse of the founding family it was called "Marathon" until 1990

Answer : Snickers Diwali Gift Pack


Ans for 5:30 PM 

Clue : Ristretto, Doppio or Affogato are types of?

Answer : Nescafe Classic Black Travel Kit, 200g with Jar (Limited Edition)


Ans for 5:45 PM 

Clue : hazelnut in hazelnul

Answer : Ferrero Rocher, 4 Pieces


Ans for 6:00 PM 

Clue : Eminem in a brown coat

Answer : M&M’s Peanut Coated with Milk Chocolate, 100g


Ans for 6:15 PM 

Clue : The sweet taste of success is worth its weight in gold

Answer : Cadbury Choclairs Gold Birthday Pack, 655.5g (Pack of 100 with Free 15 Pieces)


Ans for 6:30 PM 

Clue : Drinks and memories

Answer : Paperboat Gift Pack, 2L


Ans for 6:45 PM 

Clue : Greetings with a bite

Answer : Unibic Cookies Greetings, 300g 


Ans for 7:00 PM 

Clue : The heart in the center shines its shimmering light on this feast

Answer : Sunfeast Gift Pack, 500g 


Ans for 7:15 PM 

Clue : To _ or not to _ this suitcase naturally wondered

Answer : B Natural Assorted Utility Gift Pack, 2L


Ans for 7:30 PM 

Clue : __madrid had a juicy final

Answer : Sunfeast Mom’s Magic Expressions – Gift Pack, 500g




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